My (Bitter Sweet) Work with TVF (The Viral Fever) | 23 October 2019

Today the thing I’ll be sharing with you is way to close my heart, as it was my first time when i was at the set of TVF (The Viral Fever) named web video padh le basanti, sounds craazzzzzy right?

One of my close friend who has been working quite a long time in this industry recommended me to be a part of this shoot and play one of the school character student role! I was thrilled initially with his approach and so I made my mindset to crash the 3 day shoot that happened in the Kandivali’s Thakur College of Polytechnic. It indeed,was a hectic schedule and I still remember the time it was the month of October, just a week before Diwali and I din’t had a vocal chord at the right place but some how managed to nourish through this course of time.

As I entered the campus I clearly got the set work vibe as I witnessed the ongoing hustle and bustle. That’s where I felt like yes now I have started to breathe in my own space! I got to the dressing room, my friend acquainted me with some snacks and handed over the script to me and said that whatever character you feel like amongst the student role you can rehearse and prepare. I agreed to his instructions and then visited the costume section where I got my measurements done and donned that school boy look! Meanwhile, through this process I also met an amazing person with witty sense of humor who was all along me through this shoot. 

So the shooting schedule of any project has a time duration of 12 hours per day shift. It was my first day and I religiously waited for my part to come, but the director called off for the day and it din’t happen. The next day when I went to the shoot I hoped that the part I have been roped in for will begin today. Everything was well planned but the shooting schedule just got so hectic and delayed that the last day of the shoot was a 20-21 hour shoot! So again I had my costumes on and waited for my take to happen vehemently.

Last day of the shoot got me like 16+ hours of waiting for just two lines. also I had this instinct that on day 1, the content that was shot and i was a part of, got replaced by a new set of junior artists, pheww sad! So no matter that I had two lines of one of the character of students and I took it as a challenge to give my best to it and rehearsed the best I could! 

After 16+ hrs, finally I gave my best shot and was pretty much satisfied with my approach but I could have done it much more adversely if i had the luxury to do! I don’t really know about others but an actor in his initial stages of career is an insecure person. I was one of those insecure person on set who didn’t want his lines to go on floor by someone else. I know it sounds selfish a bit, but the bitter fact is the person who is readily available on call/on demand is the one who delivers the line and pulls of the role. So in case, if I was not round the corner while shoot, my role could have been given to someone else and I would have lost my part. Situations like these made me stick round the boundary of the shooting place, making me feel insecure!

Gradually I did for what I was being said to and the character dialogue was completely changed after 16+ hrs…hahah! But nevertheless, I was contented with my work then. Later on when the video got released, my dialogue got cut and was left only with glimpses, few screen appearances wherein i am saying nothing but only pantomiming!

Instances like these don’t make me low, I am definitely working on myself and hope i progress eventually.

Love and Light

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