Nights like this

The night is dark
it’s silence is deep

I feel some fear
I feel some discomfort

Only night has seen my tears
Only night has seen my fears

I want to get rid of this
I want to get out of this

I want someone to talk to me
I want someone to listen me

It will bring me peace
It will make some relief

The night is dark
It’s silence is deep

20 thoughts on “Nights like this

    1. Yes…agreed…this is what pandemic has brought. Only family and friends support can bring you out of all this. Trust the Lord. All will be well very soon.

  1. change your thoughts and u can change the world….. Follow this funda to overpower the fear of the night.In this chaotic lifestyle it’s v difficult to have peace and silence.So if one can use this silence of the night to meditate and travel into the depths of your soul, you can find a force that can overturn any fear, any negativity….. You can achieve peace and contentment that will help you get rid of any kind of fear and anxiety.
    Remember the world secret….
    Negative thoughts attract negative things towards itself and vice versa
    Aradhna very well written piece or art…..but my personal suggestion is to adhere to this mantra… Be positive whatever maybe the circumstances only then u can enjoy life.
    Stay blessed

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