Beauty of Parents

I asked my mom once , why is it so difficult to express yourself in front of your own parents? and my mom replied in a gloomy tone , ” point came in the life of every child when they want their own space but they start making a space with their parents “.

The gloomy tone makes me think twice over the statement.
Yes, the point comes in our life when we don’t want to listen to our parents anymore and their teaching seems to be a lecture and We all get lost in our friends and other things that we even stop giving them time. There’s no harm in making friends but the damage starts when our friends becomes our go to person instead of our parents which really makes our parents insecure and in turn they makes some boundary wall around us and that too for our own benefit.

We always take their care and concerns in a wrong way but it’s strange how easily we sometimes hurt them! And they still forgives us.

I think that is the beauty of our PARENTS!

7 thoughts on “Beauty of Parents

  1. This one is soo relatable to me i felt very connected while going through it♥️

  2. Amazing work…???
    I love this one the most… It is so beautifully written so that anyone can connect. ??

  3. The parent-child relationship is one of the most long-lasting and emotionally intense social ties. Although often positive and supportive, this tie also includes feelings of irritation, tension, and ambivalence. Time comes in our life where we look for comfort, to whom we can share our life challenges, infront of whom we can bust out, we as an individual never wants to feel restricted. I totally agree with this poem, but I have never been into this situation , I should say I was the “lucky” one, wherein I never have to listen from my parent that tag line “unke bacchon ko dekho vo kaise nikal gaye” I never have to face that situation, I was never compared with someone, at that age my parents were so supportive , friendly and harmonious in nature specially my father. But yes, I can surely relate this thing , so many people around me have been through this thing even me sometimes when I was not knowing my parent’s nature. But after being rebel, parents forgives us . However it doesn’t mean my life was so simple and easy going sometimes I was so rebel at a point when I use to hurt them unintentionally , lately, I realized I never said sorry to them still they forgave me and they were normal as if I never did anything to them. Parents are pure love which is uncomditional. The heart of parents is deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness..

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